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Instructions - Portacath

Post-Op Instructions:


  • Keep dressings dry and intact till review by day oncology unit.

  • Glue and steri strip is waterproof

  • Top padded dressing is also meant to be waterproof but water can seep underneath.

  • If top dressing gets wet, remove and replace with bandaid or other padded dressing as desired for protection

  • However, if strip and glue intact, this is not absolutely necessary.

  • As strip and glue is waterproof, shower is OK, but do not rub / use soap on the area.


  • First 24hrs don’t lie flat, sleep on 2 pillows (head up). This will help decrease bruising.

  • Monitor for bleeding / significant swelling / haematoma – it will be swollen, but not excessive.


  • Simple analgesia – Panadol / neurofen is usually sufficient for pain relief.


  • Follow up:

    • Day Oncology Unit for your chemotherapy. The nurses there know how to manage.

    • No need to follow up with Dr Wong unless any issues.


  • However if any concerns please contact rooms on (07) 5598 0644 or John Flynn emergency department.

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